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Summary of Posts: May 12th 2013

This latest cycle of Aplicor hopes to give readers a better understanding of the direction where the CRM industry is going nowadays and what business owners and software makers should expect in the coming years. Join us in discussing these market movements.

  • What’s in store for CRM systems in 2013? In a recent Gartner report, CRM solutions saw a 12% rise in demand from 2011 to 2012 as more companies realize the importance of having a solid CRM strategy to complement efforts toward business growth. Louis Columbus writes more about the research on Forbes.
  • You can ensure that every client is happy with your product or service without needing to sacrifice your resources and profits. Ramesh Ramakrishnan of Business2Community tells us more about customer experience management and why we should apply it to our own businesses.
  • The Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, FL has adopted a new management system that aims to reduce human errors during operating room procedures. Lindsey Dunn tells us more about the strategy on BeckersHospitalReview.
  • With the increase in mobile devices that allow people to conduct business while on the go, many businesses and individuals are now also looking for mobile CRM solutions they can conveniently access from anywhere. Erika Morphy writes about this rising demand on
  • Beyond the existence of software, is there really a difference between customer relationship management and customer experience? Mark Stanley tells us more about the ongoing debate on these subjects.
  • Finally, we look into the never-dying issue on the difference between customer experience and customer relationship management. While these two can be loosely interchanged, the words “management” and “experience” somehow let us in on why they are not one and the same. In the end, it’s still the customer’s happiness that matters. Let us know what you think!

Satisfaction Does Not Always Follow Efficient Service

Is there really a difference between customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience? Both terms have been loosely interchanged in many discussions about client relations in business and, in the past, were considered one and the same. However, as technology advanced and enterprises adopted computerized solutions for their operations, “CRM” became more popularly used to refer to any management system that involved computers and mobile devices. In short, front office applications.

Because of the presence of software assistance making sure that all resources are available is easier and the percentage of errors when delivering services is significantly reduced. Thus, exchanges and transactions have become faster, the number of complaints on defective products or slow service has declined and customers generally have what they ask for shortly after they seek it. This level of operational efficiency is, no doubt, laudable; however, it’s not always the path that leads to customer satisfaction and happiness.

Sure, a client may feel that he got his money’s worth because the business delivered a service or product in good condition and on time. But is he truly happy? Happiness does not always follow efficient service. Being efficient means delivering what is expected. It is certainly not the same as personally interacting with the client and engaging him in a conversation to make sure that he knows you care. This is customer experience.

When we conduct our business, although we may have the most advanced CRM systems, let us not forget that client engagement is what will complete the experience. If two companies offer the same level of efficiency, the customer will likely maintain relations with the company that gives him a better and happier experience while making transactions. Talk to your client, let him feel that you are there to answer questions and be a friend. CRM solutions are indispensable, but no software can replicate a positive human interaction experience.

Comparing Customer Experience and CRM

There is a very thin line dividing customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience — and it is a line that exists depending on who’s describing it. In the past, both were one and the same, but with the entry of more technological solutions, large software companies have added front-office applications to CRM. Mark Stanley lets us in on this ongoing debate.


CRM Systems Go Mobile

As the world becomes increasingly in-tune with how mobile technology works, many businesses and individuals are opting for mobile-based applications they can manipulate while on the go. This is the same with CRM solutions. According to Gartner, the mobile CRM app market will welcome as many as 500 new applications from now until 2014. Erika Morphy details predictions for this trend on