CRM and SCM: Management Systems

Customer Relationship Management is often the most talked-about system when it comes to business management and operations. Another system that is also important for a company to run smoothly is Supply Chain Management. CRM and SCM are both just as necessary for making a business work and be successful.

CRM handles information regarding a company’s customers. SCM handles information regarding all of the supplies and inventory that the company uses. Without customers, those supplies would not be necessary, but without the supplies, there can be no customers. Therefore, both systems need to be implemented properly so that the business is running as efficiently as possible.

Many businesses – especially smaller ones – will simply use Excel or a similar program to keep track of  information regarding their customers or supplies. Over time however, this can become quite tiresome, not to mention complicated and inefficient. You should not have to sift through hundreds of records to find the information you need. There should be a system in place that you can easily navigate through. Having an actual CRM and SCM system in use will save lots of time when it comes to keeping track of information. Why do it manually when a system can help keep better track? Then your energy can be focused elsewhere.

For more information, read about the difference between CRM and SCM from eHow contributor George Pickard.

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