Our Executive Team

Steve Haley 

Chief Executive Officer
As CEO, Mr. Haley is responsible for formulating the strategic vision, executing the business plan and overall executive leadership for Aplicor. He provides thought leadership for Aplicor’s efforts to create highly innovative cloud software for the small and mid-sized market that is disruptive to the current cloud software environment.

Mr. Haley brings over 30 years of business experience in driving growth of both innovative startups and publicly held companies in the software and consumer products industries. He is skilled at driving revenue growth as well as executing turnarounds, acquiring and selling companies, raising venture capital, and going public. Prior to Aplicor, he was Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Celsius, an innovative, category creating, award winning consumer products company; COO and Chief Business Strategist at MAPICS, CEO of Pivotpoint, a venture backed, Boston based, ERP company that transitioned customers from legacy systems to its state-of-the art technology software.

Russ Naples

Chief Operating Officer
As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Naples is responsible for Aplicor’s internal operations, processes and reporting.

Mr. Naples brings his Fortune 500 Executive and Engineering leadership experience to Aplicor. He has over 20 years in product development, launch and multi-site operations management. Prior to joining Aplicor, Mr. Naples held executive positions with Quest Software including SVP Product Development at Vizioncore, a subsidiary of Quest Software. Prior to that he held various management and executive roles at Citrix Systems as this software technology company grew from $5million to over $1billion in revenue.

Neil Redmond

Chief Information Officer
As Chief Information Officer, Mr. Redmond is responsible for Data Center Operations, Application Delivery, Infrastructure and Security Compliance for the Aplicor Solutions. Additionally, Mr. Redmond is responsible to ensure that all Aplicor Solutions are Available 24 X 7 globally.

Mr. Redmond brings 15+ years of industry experience in providing secure, high availability solutions. This experience includes such industries as Insurance Carriers, Capital/Finance, carrier grade VoIP as well as Electronic Medical Records Industry. Prior to Joining Aplicor, Mr. Redmond held technology leadership positions with cutting edge technology companies including Dr. Notes, Target Capital and NetSpeak.

Brian Nason

Vice President, Marketing
As Vice President of Marketing, Mr. Nason is responsible for creating and executing marketing and product management strategies to help the company capitalize on the rapid growth in the cloud computing market. He manages all lead generation, branding and promotional marketing activities and is responsible for driving the strategy and product roadmap for Aplicor’s innovative cloud business software solutions.

Mr. Nason brings over 16 years of experience and success building, managing and marketing enterprise class software solutions for the virtualization and cloud computing markets. Prior to joining Aplicor, Mr. Nason held executive leadership positions with innovative technology companies including PHD Virtual and Citrix Systems.

Board of Directors

Don McKinney, Chairman of the Board (Former CEO INS)
Steve Haley, President of the Board (CEO Aplicor, Inc.)
Andrew Kingston, Secretary of the Board (Kingston Law Partners LLP)
Roger Roberts, Member (Former CEO Citrix)
Wayne Huizenga, Jr, Member (President Huizenga Holdings, Inc.)
Rhys Williams, Member (President New World Angels)

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