Summary of Posts: March 3rd, 2013

Businesses do not only need systems for managing customers, but other systems as well that will help keep track of other important aspects of the business. We have discussed some systems and other CRM-related news:

  • CRM and SCM are two systems used for managing information, but in completely different ways. George Pickard explains how one system manages information about customers whereas the other manages information about inventory and goods.
  • Being offensive to your customers and not answering the phone when they call are sure-fire ways to kill off your business, according to Susan Ward. Read about these and other business practices that all company employees should avoid in order to keep the business in good standing.
  • CRM and eCRM come together to make the system work. ECRM is basically the toolkit that puts CRM together.
  • Social CRM brings social media data into business focus, according to Enterprise Apps Today. Without the system to manage the information, the data would be useless.
  • Everything can change dramatically in only a month. Those in the CRM game will tell you that straight off. Richard Boardman describes last month’s happenings in the CRM world.
  • What every business needs is CRM and SCM: Management Systems. These systems are equally important in helping to run the day-to-day operations of a business.

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