Summary of Posts: October 7th 2012

Businesses that use CRM are much more successful than those that don’t. Learn some tips and read some stories on CRM and how to use it to your businesses’ advantage:

  • PreparingyourbusinessforCRMsuccess is a good idea to ensure that the system you decide to put in place will actually work. Get some tips from Dmitri Novomeiski.
  • Retention is key for a business’ success, according to Chris Bucholtz. Keeping the customers a company already has is more important than bringing in new ones.
  • Solutions that help keep customers satisfied are best found in technology, such as CRM systems. Businesses need to use a CRM system to better understand their customers’ habits and needs so that they can market the right products to each of them.
  • Building a CRM system is taught by Florencesa at The company needs to come up with a strategy for what it wants its system to incorporate, and then find a CRM system that will meet its vision.
  • SocialMediaISCRM, according to Pervara Kapadia. Social media sites are all about people getting their opinions out there, and with sCRM, businesses can take those opinions and put them to use for making better products, which keeps the customers happy.
  • Eventually we discussed how retaining customers through CRM systems is the best idea a business can have. Existing customers are what keep the company’s revenue flowing.

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